What to Expect at Your MigWay Driver Orientation

January 23, 2023

Worried about driver orientation? You're not alone!

Driver orientation can be confusing and overwhelming for many drivers, but it doesn't have to be. Orientation is full of invaluable information and resources that will help you transition into your new job without any worries. Whether this is your first time going through driver orientation or if you need a refresher course, you will find essential tips and advice that will help you ace your orientation.


What is a driver orientation?

We understand that driver orientation can be a source of confusion and anxiety for many drivers, but not at MigWay! We have streamlined the orientation process at MigWay to be as efficient and stress-free as possible. Your orientation is your introduction to MigWay, our expectations, and what you should do to ensure a safe, successful career with us. We will answer all your questions, including what to bring to job orientation.


Questions to ask before any driver orientation

First, we will go over the most important questions that every driver should ask before each orientation. Then, we will explain what you should expect at your orientation at MigWay. We will answer questions like, “Do you start work right after orientation?”


How long is the truck driver orientation program?

A driver orientation can range from one day to several weeks, depending on the experience, job position, and trucking company. 

Because trucking companies’ orientation programs differ in length, it’s important to ask questions like, “How long after orientation do you work?” Your orientation at MigWay will take a full day to complete. Drivers start orientation at 8:30 am and finish around 3 - 4 pm.


Will I get a truck immediately after the truck driver orientation process?

Before any truck driver orientation program, it's important to understand what will come afterward so you can plan accordingly. You should be aware of when you will start putting your things into the truck or when you will receive your first load assignment. At MigWay, you will finish your orientation by the end of the day so you can expect to roll out later in the afternoon.


Do you offer meals and lodging during MigWay orientation?

If you are attending an orientation lasting more than a day, you will need to plan for meals and lodging. While many trucking companies provide lodging and meals during orientation, not every company does. So it's important to ask about meals and lodging before any orientation so you don't arrive unprepared. Be sure to ask questions like “Do you start work right after orientation?” and “How long after orientation do you work?” For your orientation at MigWay, lodging will not be necessary and we will provide you with food during orientation day.


What will be provided and what to bring to job orientation?

While you would usually bring a pen and paper to orientation, we will provide you with all the materials you'll need at MigWay. You will need to pack your personal belongings like you were leaving out for a trip. Be sure to double-check the truck driver orientation checklist we've provided for you below. And don't forget to triple-check that you have the right paperwork with you before leaving out!


Where is driver orientation, and how do I get there?

MigWay's truck driver orientation program takes place at our Pineville, NC main terminal. Drivers will need to schedule and organize their means of transportation to get there. If your situation doesn't allow for accessible transportation and you need help with getting to orientation, talk with your recruiter and let them know.


What to bring to job orientation

Packing for a trip can be a daunting task, especially when you think that you've remembered to bring everything, only to realize that isn't the case. Because of this, a packing list and truck driver orientation checklist is invaluable for truck drivers leaving out.


Forms for Driver Orientation

  • CDL
  • Medical card
  • TWIC card (if you have it)
  • Bank Account info for Direct Deposit: Account & Routing #


Clothing for Driver Orientation

  • Jeans, cargo pants, or work pants (some shippers require them)
  • Shirts with sleeves - please be mindful of writing on t-shirts while representing MigWay
  • Boots and shoes (non-skid soles must be stamped with slip-resistant and oil-resistant)
  • All weather gear - consider packing a heavy coat, rain jacket, winter hat, and gloves)
  • PPE gear - glasses, work gloves, closed-toe shoes or boots


Other items for Driver Orientation

  • All prescriptions (medication, eyewear, etc.)
  • Bedding and pillow (mattress is provided)
  • Cell phone (smartphone + 5G)
  • Some extra money
  • Phone charger
  • Sleepwear
  • Toiletries
  • Towels


What to expect at your driver orientation

Your truck driver orientation process at MigWay will help you become familiar with our operations before you start driving. When you understand how we operate, our routes, and our customers, you are more likely to be safe and productive during your first weeks and months on the job. This will help you to get off to a great start, reduce the likelihood of an accident, and help you to foster a positive working relationship with your team.


Below you will find an overview of everything you should expect to cover on driver orientation day.


Driver orientation - Company information

Driver orientation will be held in a classroom setting where you will receive an overview of MigWay. First, you will learn about the history of MigWay and about your team and their responsibilities. Your orientation leader, who was a MigWay driver, will hand you your welcome packet and start a PowerPoint presentation.


Driver orientation - Company procedures

Next, your driver orientation leader will go over MigWay's procedures and you will learn about daily job responsibilities, steps to take in emergency situations, customer service, and vehicle care and maintenance. As a trucking company with automatic trucks and manual trucks, you will have the choice of which truck you prefer.


Driver orientation - Personnel policies

After learning MigWay's procedures, you will learn about pay, benefits, holiday, and vacation policies. The driver orientation leader will also cover topics such as performance reviews, expense reimbursements, and drug and alcohol testing. You will need to fill out information for insurance and payroll purchases. This is another reason why it will be critical for you to have the correct documentation with you.


Driver orientation - Operations

Afterward, you will learn about our customers and routes. Your driver orientation leader will help you to understand the areas where you will be operating, how often you can expect to be home, and our procedures for assigning equipment, routes, and loads.


Safety training

Before lunch, the next step of your truck driver orientation process will be to review MigWay's policies and procedures on accidents, moving violations, hours-of-service rules, safe driving and parking rules, and cargo securement. You will also learn about MigWay's safety bonuses and awards.


Driver orientation - Lunch

Around lunchtime, the driver orientation leader will take the class on a walkthrough of our building, driver's lounge, shop, and equipment. Afterward, everyone will take a break to enjoy lunch together. Food will be provided.


Driver orientation - Communications

Your driver orientation leader will teach you how and when you should reach out to dispatch, how to use our tracking and communication systems, what you should do in emergency situations, and procedures for after-hours communication.


Safety training - Maintenance

You will become familiar with the equipment you will be operating. You will review MigWay's maintenance and inspection procedures, driver pre- and post-trip inspection requirements, reporting defects, breakdown procedures, and vehicle care.


Driver orientation - Driving test

At the end of your orientation, you will take your driving test. Your orientation leader will do a check ride with you and grade your abilities behind the wheel. As a trucking company with automatic trucks and manual trucks, you will test your driving skills with a truck of your choice.


Once you have passed all of your physical and skills tests, you are ready to meet your dispatcher and start planning your first route!


What’s next after your truck driver orientation process?

Your driver orientation is an important part of becoming a successful driver with MigWay. You will learn all about our history, procedures, personnel policies, operations, and safety measures, as well as become familiar with the tools you need to do your job effectively. After completing orientation day you’ll take a driving test that assesses your skills behind the wheel and then there's just one more thing left to do: hit the road and start making money!


If you have any questions or want more information on what to bring or expect from driver orientation day, do not hesitate to reach out directly - we look forward to having you join our team soon!


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