Driver Orientation - What to Expect

March 17, 2022

Are you intimidated by just hearing the word driver orientation? Well, you shouldn't be because this guide will help steer you through all the details of MigWay's orientation process, so you can show up prepared on orientation day. Reading this article will help you get up to speed with our recommendations and tips to breeze through the orientation process with confidence. By the end of this guide, you will have learned all the essential elements of MigWay's driver orientation process and arrive ready to succeed and climb into your new truck.


Our driver orientation process is a meet-and-greet opportunity similar to a job interview at any workplace. During orientation, you will learn about all the essential details of the job, such as driver pay, bonuses, benefits, and company policies. Meanwhile, we will evaluate your driving abilities with a road test, attention to safety with a pre-trip inspection, and your driver knowledge. While receiving a chance to participate in our orientation doesn't guarantee you a driving position yet, it shows a great sign that we would like to work together and are interested in adding you to our MigWay family. 

How we are different

MigWay differs from other companies because our orientation process is more personal than you might be used to with other companies. Though our orientation is held in a group setting, we value each driver who walks through our doors. Due to this, we take the time to connect with our drivers personally to understand them. We learn about our driver's goals in life to learn how we can help them achieve these goals. MigWay has become a family for drivers that call MigWay their home because of our passion for connecting with drivers on a personal level.

Duration of the orientation

The entire orientation process will take up a little less than a workday, on average about 6-8 hours, before selected drivers roll out in their new trucks. Orientation takes up more than a day in instances where drivers arrive unprepared without the needed paperwork. For this reason, we encourage you to read below on preparing for orientation day so you can show up ready with everything required. 

Preparing for your Driver Orientation

Before we can schedule your orientation, we must first have received your drug test results showing you are safe to drive. Once we have this, we can schedule an orientation date for you. Attending a driver orientation at MigWay, you should prepare your belongings as if you were rolling out on the road. Drivers arrive with their belongings ready for the road because drivers roll out the same day after completing their driver orientation. You will need to prepare documentation to bring with you to driver orientation, so we've included a list of documents you will need to bring below.

  • Your medical card
  • Your driver's license/CDL
  • A voided check (If you intend to set up a direct deposit.)


Creating a checklist of items to bring on the road with you will help before leaving out, and double-checking it before leaving will ensure you don't forget anything. If you need help packing for the road, you can find checklists online that list essential items for a truck driver to bring on the road.

What to Expect on Orientation Day

Orientation Day is held in a group setting and begins at 8 AM and finishes around 3-4 PM with a lunch at noon. You will fill out about six to seven forms required to hire a driver and provide information such as emergency contacts, tax documents, and safety and company forms. After filling out your forms, the driver success manager will instruct drivers on which apps they will be using for work, such as apps for communication, hours of service, and GPS, and teach them how to use those apps. Then, drivers will learn about company expectations and what drivers can expect from MigWay. Driver orientation is like a back-and-forth conversation between the driver success manager and candidates, encouraging candidates to ask questions during the orientation. Candidates are free to ask questions that arise at any point in the driver's orientation before moving on to ensure they grasp everything discussed during the driver orientation.


That would wrap up the first segment of your driver orientation. Afterward, the drivers will enjoy lunch with their driver success manager and relax before jumping into the safety training portion. Drivers will watch safety training videos on safety procedures and what to do in the case of an accident and other scenarios. During this time, the safety manager will instruct drivers on hours of service procedures and make sure the driver knows how to use our ELD software. 


After the safety training, it will be time for drivers to head out on the road for a road test and their pre-trip inspection. The pre-trip inspection shows the safety manager which drivers properly examine their equipment before leaving out and shows their concern for those around them on the road. Once the pre-trip inspection is satisfactory to the safety manager, drivers will go for a ride with the safety manager showing their comfort in driving the equipment and their knowledge of traffic laws.

What's next after the Orientation Program?

Once you pass your road test, we congratulate you on joining the MigWay family with your own set of MigWay gear for the truck. The shop managers and mechanics will have prepared your truck for you before you finish your orientation with full detail and inspection of the truck. While the communication and guidance from your safety manager wrap up for the day, the communication continues and stays open and available for you as you roll out on your own now. We encourage drivers to feel comfortable asking their driver success managers all the questions they have so they can transition smoothly into their new driving positions! Congratulations, and we welcome you to the MigWay family!

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