What to Know About MigWay's Truck Driver Referral Program

March 10, 2022

Truck Driver Referral Program

Searching for a trucking company that you enjoy working with while helping further your career or generate additional income can be challenging. Think of a friend you know currently looking for a new trucking company to work with or remember back when you were hunting for a new company. While the opportunity for new experiences with a fresh company can be exciting, the process of researching, fact-checking, and interviewing with countless trucking companies can be a headache. It can be tough to choose the right trucking company with all the advertisement noise these days, and sometimes all we need is a friend's guidance.

Did you know that 92% of people trust referrals from people they know and are four times more likely to take action based on a friend's advice? Well, we've got good news! This tells us that your friends and family trust your advice regarding your experience with MigWay. While drivers have the freedom to give each different company a try, you can save your driver friend the job-hunting hassle of trying out a bunch of companies before finding the right one by participating in MigWay's referral bonus program and sharing the positive experience you've had with us.

It's no secret that truck drivers talk among themselves to investigate and learn more about the trucking companies they work for. At MigWay, we've always imagined a conversation between drivers at a truck stop to be the best advertising we could receive. To encourage our drivers to take the first step in sharing their positive experience at MigWay, we've incentivized our experienced driver referral bonus program to pay MigWay drivers $2,000 per eligible driver that we hire due to their referral. Sharing your experience with MigWay is the best way to introduce a job-hunting driver to a company they can feel at home with!

How does the experienced driver referral program work?

Through the experienced driver referral program, MigWay provides an uncapped referral bonus of $2,000 per eligible hired driver. Uncapped means no limit to the number of experienced drivers we pay you for referring to MigWay. MigWay pays the $2,000 referral bonus to company drivers in monthly increments as the referred driver continues to work with MigWay. A week after the referred driver is actively employed for 30 days, a referral bonus of $500 is paid. A week after the referred driver is actively employed for 60 days, another $500 is paid. Finally, a week after a referred driver reaches 90 days of active employment, MigWay pays the remaining $1000, equalling $2,000 paid to the referring driver.

Who is eligible to participate in the referral program?

Any company driver or owner-operator actively working with MigWay can participate in referral incentives through referring experienced drivers to drive with MigWay. You must have a Class A CDL and two years of recent driving experience to be eligible. Currently employed or leased drivers will not be considered for eligibility upon changing driving positions within the company. Drivers who abuse the program by submitting random phone numbers will not participate in the driver referral program. Lastly, MigWay will review all referral candidates at our discretion to meet our selection qualifications.

How Can I Refer an Experienced Driver?

Participating in our driver referral program has never been easier. There are a few ways you can refer an experienced driver to MigWay's recruiting department. Call or email the recruiting department and let them know about the driver you are interested in referring. You can also instruct the driver to provide your name on their application to receive credit for the referral.

MigWay has ready-made Driver Referral cards to give drivers a fun and easy way to enhance the referring experience. We have made small cards you can keep in your wallet to hand out to drivers you meet out on the road, truck stops, or anywhere! Fill out your information and truck number on the card so the driver can mention that you referred them. Then, hand out your referral card to drivers interested in running with the MigWay family so they can easily contact us!

The Referral Program Benefits Everyone

Referring drivers is what we call a win-win in the business world. This is where all parties benefit, and no party is left at a loss. Referring a driver to start with MigWay helps the driver you refer by recommending a trucking company you believe in, encouraging the driver towards a positive and rewarding driver experience. Referring a driver to MigWay benefits you through having the unlimited potential to earn through driver referrals. 

Lastly, MigWay benefits by increasing our driver base of safe and experienced drivers, growing the MigWay family!

MigWay's driver referral program benefits everyone involved and is an excellent way to earn extra passive income. You can earn up to $24,000 a year in additional earnings by submitting one referral a month. That's just one driver referred a month; imagine 2-4 drivers referred a month, and you will realize the possibilities of our uncapped driver referral bonus program. We have drivers sharing their positive experiences with family, friends, and other drivers through the driver referral bonus and making thousands of dollars! You can use this extra income to buy gifts for the holidays, pay off a chunk of debt, or finally fund the home renovations you've been dreaming of! We've learned about the fantastic opportunity of referring drivers, so don't hesitate to refer your friends and family to MigWay. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the recruiting department to have all your questions answered.

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