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How are freight costs calculated?

Migway's rate calculator was developed with algorithms that would include factors into the calculation such as previous shipment history, current volume, capacity, and the location and time of your shipment.

Today's technology allows us to give an instant and fair quote on freight costs to our customers every time. And this is something we can stand behind.


Is this freight rate guaranteed?

At Migway, we understand that business is more about people and the relationships you build than freight shipping quotes and meeting the bottom line.

We are more interested in solidifying future business with you to create a lasting business relationship than taking extra off the top for ourselves on one shipment. We hope you see it the same way.


Will Migway give back or fall-off the load?

In today's industry, there is no fall-off guarantee in freight shipping. At least, that's what carriers would like you to think. With Migway, you will not find more talented individuals taking all operational measures and options needed to ensure that your shipment moves. We look out for our customers with an incomparable zeal and this includes your shipments. Let us show you what we mean.


Will my shipment be serviced on time?

Finding a good freight estimate to move your shipment is half the battle. The other half is ensuring it gets there on time. This is where Migway has created a name for itself - We Deliver. With 24/7 visibility, GPS tracking, and a team of highly professional and talented drivers and staff, Migway has created a tested system that works for us and our customers of many years let us know how happy they are knowing their shipments always arrive on time on a Migway truck.

What is the average freight rate per mile?

What is a FTL shipment?

What is the cheapest way to ship freight?

What are some important factors to consider, besides price, when evaluating a freight quote?

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