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Welcome to MigWay – a Charlotte area asset based freight carrier specifically designed for rush critical loads. Our expedited trucking company's seamless process not only delivers your freight shipments but also your peace of mind. No matter how urgent, the MigWay expedited trucking company will deliver for you. Every time.

MigWay – We're Drivers of Industry.

transportation and logistics company optimized to handle rush shipments

What drives us?

We are 2nd and 3rd generation families in the trucking and freight shipping business. We grew up around trucking: it’s in our blood. We know more about LtL shipping, trucking and logistics than anyone else in the Charlotte area and across the US. More than that, we’re relentless problem-solvers. What MigWay promises is what we deliver - to our clients and our drivers.

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Located in Charlotte, North Carolina

Time is on your side

You have a last-minute load? That’s what we’re here for. MigWay is a trucking company strategically built for your expedited LtL freight shipments. With our tireless fleet managers, tenacious drivers, and transparent freight shipping process, no load is too hot to handle. Better than anyone in the Charlotte area, we’re uniquely wired for quick-turn shipments, 24/7.

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A constant stream of rush-critical loads demands an elite team of drivers. We know our pace isn’t for every driver. That’s fine. We don’t want every driver. We only want the best - those who want to work hard and reap the benefits. We may run a tight ship, but no one can take the family atmosphere out of our business. We run hard, and we take good care of the people running with us.

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MigWay is a transportation and logistics company optimized to handle rush shipments with a with a reliable, no-fuss, get-it-done conviction.

Stories from the road

Look, we can tell you about ourselves all day long. We can give you stats and figures and metrics. We can say how dependable, how fast, how fill-in-the-blank amazing we are. What really matters, though, is what our clients think about us. We know we do whatever it takes for our clients, and we know they keep coming back. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

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