Which Trucking Company has the Best Truck Driver Safety?

June 30, 2022

A trucking company that values truck driver safety above all is the type of company all drivers are hunting for. Since all trucking companies will tell drivers before hiring that safety is their top priority, it's your responsibility as a truck driver to do your research and ask the right questions. This way you can consider for yourself if working with the company will benefit you in the long haul. It's up to you to learn about the company's safety practices and if they offer extra support to drivers, such as preventative maintenance and 24/7 support on the road. You will want to check online for the trucking company's safety rating so you can be sure you are signing the dotted line with a safe trucking company. Don't worry, we'll go over how to find a company's safety rating online!

By the end of this article, you will know what to look for when researching the best truck driving companies to work for, so you can be sure you sign on with a carrier committed to truck driver safety. This article will prepare you with the right questions to ask so you can judge how safe a trucking company is before you begin working with them.

Truck driver safety matters

Trucker safety should be the top priority for professional drivers. Unfortunately, not every trucking company seems to see it the same way. Many trucking company owners place a higher emphasis on making on-time deliveries over the safety of the driver. This is a dangerous and reckless attitude that puts drivers at risk. When searching for the best over the road trucking companies, the best choice you can make is a company that values truck driver safety first. The company should have a strong safety rating and shows a commitment to their drivers' safety. This is the best way to ensure that you will work in a safe and healthy work environment, which helps you make it to a safe retirement. Don't risk your life and career by working with a trucking company that will choose your safety second. Prioritize your safety by making a wise decision when judging a trucking company's safety practices before hiring. 

Checklist for finding the safest trucking companies

When researching trucking companies, you should begin your research by finding out if the trucking company has newer trucks, a motivated maintenance team, after-hours support, and a great reputation with its drivers. Let's take a look at what to look for when searching for the safest trucking companies. 

The top trucking companies have newer trucks

The safest trucking companies equip drivers with the newest trucks available. Newer trucks are safer and more reliable so you can expect fewer breakdowns while out on the road. If the trucking company doesn't have the latest models, their trucks should be well-maintained by an experienced maintenance team that is motivated to keep the trucks running in great condition for their drivers.

Top trucking companies have their own maintenance team

The best trucking companies have their own maintenance department, preferably in-house. It's important that you work with a trucking company with their own efficient and well-organized maintenance team. It's always a great sign if the maintenance team loves their job and is passionate about what they do. This indicates that they will be more likely to provide you with high-quality checkups when performing preventative maintenance and repairs on your equipment. If a maintenance team looks like they would rather be somewhere else, it's safe to assume your truck probably won't see the same attention to detail.

Trucker safety means after-hours support

You should find out about the after-hours support the trucking company provides for their drivers. If you experience a breakdown or issue with your load late at night, will you have support at that moment or will you have to wait until the next morning to speak with someone? A trucking company that doesn't provide after-hours support for their drivers assumes that issues stop happening at 5 PM. But a well-designed after-hours support system shows drivers that the trucking company cares about truck driver safety around the clock and makes every effort so their drivers can stay safe and keep earning.

Top rated trucking companies have a great reputation with their drivers

Finally, it's important that the trucking company has a great reputation with its drivers. The best trucking company's drivers are their biggest fans, promoters, and recruiters. Look for reviews from previous truck drivers and talk to drivers once you're onsite at the terminal. If you haven’t met drivers who show the trucking company absolute support, there may be more to the company than you're currently seeing.

Finding out more information about if trucking companies meets these safety standards will drastically increase your chances of landing a job with the safest trucking companies. Then, you can be confident that your equipment will be properly looked after and you will be well-cared-for on the job.


What are safety programs for trucking companies?

Safety programs for trucking companies are a detailed collection of a company's procedures and protocols surrounding safety. To simplify, it's all the steps that a trucking company takes to prevent accidents, whether that be making sure drivers have proper safety information, pre-hiring training and tests, and rewarding drivers for safe driving. Our point is that the safety program of a trucking company should go beyond instructing drivers to "drive safe" or "be careful." When asking about the trucking company safety program, you should expect to see a written and detailed safety program and accident prevention plan.

A strong safety program for trucking companies is important because you want other drivers in the company to value truck driver safety and follow the company's safety program. You want the equipment that you pick up from other drivers to be as safe as the equipment that you drop off. A trucking company safety program should require that drivers are periodically tested on their truck driving safety knowledge. The trucking company safety program should have pre-hiring requirements in order for new drivers to drive a truck. This means a higher bar for entry at the company and you can assume that only the safest drivers are being hired at the trucking company. This also means the other drivers in the fleet value trucker safety as much as you.

Rewarding drivers for practicing safe driving habits is another sign of a strong trucking company safety program. These incentives can include extra pay, recognition, paid time off, company attire, and more. At MigWay, we hold a competition each month for the Safest Driver of the Month. Each month, the winning driver wins a cash prize, recognition in the company and on our social media pages, and exclusive attire they can show off to other drivers because it can only be won by the Safest Drivers at MigWay.


To determine if a trucking company values truck driver safety, the company's safety program should include:

  • Red Flags - Safety violations that will cause consequences or termination for even the best truck driver
  • Pre-trip inspection guidelines to check equipment safety
  • Frequent safety meetings and driver training
  • Pre-hiring safety training for all drivers
  • Recognition program for safe drivers
  • Retraining policy for post-accident
  • Program for accident investigation
  • Policy for employer drug testing
  • Hours of operation policy

It’s important that hauling companies have safety scores

Now that we've learned about what a trucking company safety program should contain, it's time to learn about why it's important to find a trucking company's safety score online. A safety score is a rating given by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to a company based on its Compliance, Safety, and Accountability, also known as a CSA score. This CSA score holds carriers and drivers accountable for their part in keeping our roads safe. CSA scores will have an impact on drivers since it is their driving safety records, as well as the carrier they work for, that will be impacted by the driver's performance and compliance.


It's important to find a trucking company with a good safety score because they the safest trucking companies will be more likely to:

  • keep their drivers safe and avoid accidents
  • keep their drivers employed because drivers in accidents are usually fired
  • attract new drivers because drivers are attracted to companies with good safety scores
  • keep their drivers happy because drivers who feel safe are likely to be happy with their jobs


How to check a trucking industry safety score

Checking a trucking company's safety score is quick and simple. The SAFER (Safety And Fitness Electronic Records) website allows you to look up the safety rating of any motor carrier with an active US DOT number. You will be able to get a glance into the trucking company's current condition by looking here. Simply visit the website (https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/CompanySnapshot.aspx) and type in a carrier's USDOT Number, MC Number, or company name to find more information about the company's score on trucking safety.

The best trucking companies value your safety

Truck drivers are the backbone of the American economy. They keep our country moving by delivering goods from one place to another. However, in order to do their jobs safely and protect their careers, it is important for truck drivers to find a trucking company that values truck driver safety. At MigWay, we prioritize safety above all else. We want our drivers to feel safe on the road and know that they have a team of good people behind them who support their safety. If you’re looking for a safe trucking company with high standards, call MigWay today!

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