Top 8 Benefits of Truck Driving With Pets

February 16, 2022

Truck Driving and Pets

It's no secret that being a truck driver is not for the weak. The stress of driving a truck and meeting tight deadlines, or delivering rush-critical loads can pile up! Always considering the safety of those around them is a responsibility all truck drivers bear. Additionally, being away from home for extended periods can create feelings of loneliness and anxiety due to missing out on home life and events. 


Can truckers have pets? Now, trucking isn't all bad. What if we told you that bringing a pet on the road with you could increase your mood and general wellbeing during times of stress? With 60% of truck drivers owning pets and 40% taking their pets on the road with them, we can assume pets have played a crucial role in the trucking industry and a driver's wellbeing when we see statistics shown as strong as this. We see that the majority of drivers who own pets understand the value that pets on the road provide their owners, and we would like to share these benefits with you.



Since history was first recorded, humans and animals have shared a symbiotic relationship in which both parties benefit from the other, creating a primal connection between man and beast. You'll commonly hear people telling others how much their pet means to them and the strong bond they share with their pet. We've known that animal pets are essential to humans, but have you considered the impact a dog or cat can have on truck drivers specifically? If you haven't given it some thought yet, let us paint the whole picture for you with the eight benefits listed below.



Truck driving can be a lonely profession due to the work you won't find in many other careers. Pets can be great companions for the road; co-pilots, you could even say. They won't be able to take the night drive as you sleep, but they can do a lot more for you that might make you reconsider if you don't own a pet or leave your pet at home. Letting your pet tag along with you in the truck creates a sense of comfort and feels like a little piece of home is always with you.



Bringing a pet with you on the road not only decreases feelings of loneliness and isolation but drastically increases your safety when you're alone at night or in an unknown location. Animals can sense danger sooner than humans, so a pet can alert you when trouble is nearby, preparing you to take action. Keeping your pet in your truck with you could save your life and prevent a break-in during sleeping hours.



We all have habits that we know we should do, such as staying hydrated throughout the day and stretching our legs out during extended trips. The need to take your pet out for bathroom breaks and regular exercise to keep them healthy creates an opportunity for you to take care of your health needs while spending consistent quality time with your furry friend.


Health Benefits

Pets reduce the effect stress has on us, which leads to a happier and healthier life. Pet owners have been found to have lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Studies show that heart attack patients who own pets survive longer than those who don't have a pet. There has even been a study that proved pet owners over the age of 65 on average visit the doctor's office 30% less than those without pets. 



Pets are significant social connectors between people. We all need social connections in our lives, and having a pet with you is one of the best conversation starters you can have. When you are at a truck stop, it is much easier to approach someone you are curious about meeting with a pet than without one.


Reduced Stress

How do pets help with stress? Well, they don't file your taxes or finish the task you've been procrastinating on, which is causing you the stress to begin with. However, pets help us manage our stress by being present with us and giving us a purpose to focus on and the fulfillment in knowing that only through your responsible care can your pet grow happy and healthy. Biologically, pets have been shown to reduce cortisol levels and lower blood pressure in their owners. Pets know how to just sit and be loving, something all humans need.


Improved Mood

There is empirical data to back the claim that pets increase mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and aggression. Studies have found a rise in crucial molecules in our brains, attributed to happiness when interacting with animals. These neurotransmitters are called dopamine and serotonin, and they help us manage stress, enjoy life, and be motivated to achieve and hope for a brighter future each day.



Unless you are a team driver or drive with your significant other with you, you are missing a critical human need as a driver on the road - connection through touch. Playing with your pet is enough to fulfill this human need, whether through snuggling during a show or even play-wrestling. With so many benefits to drivers' health, trucking companies shouldn't overlook an emotional bond between drivers and pets. We believe it is unfair to refuse a driver to bring a companion on the road.


Migway Pet Policy

When applying for a new trucking company to work with, you will find many have varying levels of tolerance towards pets in the truck. At Migway, we understand the bond between a driver and their pet can be stronger than that with other people for some drivers. MigWay has a tolerant pet rider policy that permits drivers to bring their pets with them on the road to remedy this issue. We found this to be an essential part of our company's culture and gives our drivers more freedom to feel at home on the job.


Are you and your pet ready to become part of the team at MigWay? Suppose you're curious to learn more about our pet policy in detail or are interested in recruitment opportunities. In that case, we encourage you to fill out our online application so a manager can contact you.


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