Shipping for Small Business

October 21, 2020
Owners of small businesses are looking for a freight service provider that simplifies the shipping aspect of your business while also being affordable. You are looking for a provider that is communicative and also able to fine-tune to the needs of your business. Let’s dig into what a small business freight service provider really looks like.
Just because a small business is smaller in operation, the same level of professionalism and attention to detail is required for your business as any large corporation. A small business freight service provider is a provider that has taken the time to learn how small businesses operate at their core and is passionate about learning what strengths and weaknesses small businesses deal with on a daily basis. The world of negotiating with hundreds of carriers for a quote on your shipment’s movement is not only time-consuming, but can be draining of workforce energy. Small businesses do not necessarily have a large-scale shipping and logistics department, and for this reason Migway is set on being the partner to simplify and advance our partner’s shipping processes.
We partner with first-time shippers, irregular shipments, and even seasoned logistic managers that need a helping hand, providing value to your business in the following ways:
  • Offering stability in the times you expect and will need it most
  • Top-tier carrier profile with fair and market-competitive rates
  • Self-serving tracking tools for your shipments
  • Direct communication and relationship with YOUR logistics experts.
We are in a critical pandemic environment that has affected a majority of small businesses like few times in recent history, with many businesses having to close their doors for good. These small businesses are looking for help in the way of locking in hand and hand with vendors and partners that can offer stability. For this reason, it is necessary to find and work with a small business freight service provider that is seasoned in small business relationships and operations, while also having the connections and resources a larger scale business would require.
Currently, we are in a point in the year where the truck capacity is incredibly tight for the amount of shipments in the country. Migway focuses on building relationships with our partners to be able to weather the ups and downs of the year’s market, which we have all learned to operate our businesses through. We truly excel at being there when you really need us, while also being competitive and providing a level of service a majority of carriers have not reached yet. We take pride in this and do it for you.
You have access to being able to track any of your shipments at anytime with live online GPS tracking. It is very simple to use for anyone! From the young business owner entering business with a knowledge of technology to the veteran business owner that prefers to talk with a person over handling technology, we enjoy being able to make sure that you are assured of your shipment when en route and delivery times.
We know for a fact that you will love working with our team. How? Because of the incredibly positive and humbling reviews we receive from those we work with. Our logistics experts are knowledgeable of the current status of the day’s market, while also having been trained and acclimated over the years to spot and understand forthcoming trends. Migway has bred a culture into our team that we solve the problems of others instead of creating new ones for you. Our logistics experts have a “get-it-done and figure-it-out” mentality, creating an environment for creative and unique solutions that enable true and lasting success for our relationships with partners.
At Migway, we genuinely enjoy watching the lives of people being enriched when we work together. We want to be there for you because this is what we love to do and have seen exponential growth over the past few years (even in times when the trend of the year was profit loss and companies closing down, we still grew in size, scope, and operation.) Connect with us and let’s have a conversation to see how your shipping and logistics needs can be met in unique and true-serving methods.

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