Our Safety Tips for Truckers in Areas of Protest or Civil Unrest

October 21, 2020
Our drivers around America, set on consistently delivering essential goods during the craziness of this year’s pandemic, have risked the danger of becoming targets of violence amid the riots and protests. So much so that the FMCSA has issued guidance for truckers who enter high-risk areas.
We ask all drivers to take a second to think soberly about this topic and to be prepared with the tips below:
  1. Report any emergency situation by calling 911 immediately.
  2. Do your best to be aware and to avoid areas where you know there is current civil unrest. Remain calm and cautious when around any large gatherings, protests, or civil demonstrations.
  3. Prepare for road closures. If you suspect your given route has seen protests, be proactive by checking the local news, consulting with your dispatcher, or even your safety department so that they are aware and to make sure that your roads will be open and the location of delivery is safe.
  4. Contact your receiver or have your dispatch reach out to check on the current situation. If unsafe, plan on working on alternative options with your dispatcher or supervisor.
  5. Maintain constant communication with your dispatch. A carrier’s best practice is to be aware of the status and location of where their driver is at all times. What a dispatcher is able to observe on a screen and what a driver actually sees in real-time can be two completely different situations.
  6. Attempt your best effort to make deliveries during the day in areas of suspected or current unrest. During nighttime, we urge you to always park in safe areas that light the area around you and your truck.
  7. Perform an assessment of every situation before exiting the cab of your truck. If you suspect the possibility of danger to yourself or the property, back out of the current delivery plans and contact your dispatcher to create a plan going forward.
  8. More reason to conduct a thorough pre-trip inspection is to eliminate the possibility of experiencing a preventable breakdown amidst a high-risk situation.
  9. Ensure that your windows and doors are always locked. Never leave keys unattended in the vehicle and double-check that your trailer’s locking and latching components are functioning flawlessly.
  10. In the case that you do encounter a populated group, halt your vehicle to prevent injury and immediately call 911 and your dispatcher. Never make the decision to continue driving forward through a group of people. Avoid all interaction with the members of the group, as it is your duty to prevent provoking the group.
  11. Remember to utilize your in-cab camera to document your surroundings and experience.
  12. Reach out to your dispatcher or safety department to learn about your company’s policy and procedures regarding encounters with groups of civil unrest.
We ask every driver to assure the highest chances of safety for themselves and others by being prepared for this situation instead of reacting in the moment based on emotions and fear. Here at Migway, we are extremely appreciative of the quality of work our men and women perform daily, especially with the additional risks this year.

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