How do I Choose the Best Trucking Company in NC?

June 15, 2022

Are you searching for trucking companies in NC  that will solve all of your shipping woes?

Tired of your shipping partner creating more problems for you than they solve?

We can understand this because we have heard the horror stories of many of our customers' negative experiences with carriers who promised them the world (many do), but did not deliver on those promises. Due to there being so many different trucking companies in NC operating today, it becomes difficult for the business owner to find the best one in North Carolina.

So in this article, we will show you how to choose the best trucking companies in North Carolina and South Carolina so that shipping problems can be a thing of the past for you and your business. Follow these criteria when choosing between North Carolina companies to work with because it will affect your business' reputation and bottom line. But first, let's take a sober look at the actual costs of working with a trucking company in NC that is more of a liability to you than an asset.


You pay more than money with the wrong North Carolina companies

It only takes one negative experience with an over-promising and under-delivering trucking company in NC to know that you pay more than just shipping costs to transport your goods.

The reality of the situation is that you should also expect on top of shipping costs:

  1. an increase in safety risk which jeopardizes more than your bottom line;
  2. unexpected shipping costs added on top such as holding fees and redeliveries;
  3. longer-than-expected transit times;
  4. appearing unreliable to your customers and consumers;
  5. being the victim of a "shipping partner horror story" at the next business gathering or family holiday event.


Though it can be entertaining to talk with friends in the business about a negative experience with a trucking company in NC that couldn’t get the job done, you want to make sure that you are not the source of that conversation! Pick the right trucking company to work with so you aren’t the one sharing with your friends “what the carrier did now…”. Aside from the extra headaches and stress that come from working with shipping companies in North Carolina that don’t deliver on their promises, we can see that the hidden costs can be overlooked if you aren't looking at the bigger picture.


An NC trucking company with years of making customers happy

Your shipping partner's hands are the final hands you trust to deliver your goods to their final destination. So this requires serious judgment before you decide which trucking company in NC you will choose to run your freight. You want a shipping partner that is as passionate about what they do as you are about growing your business. This tells you that they are here to take care of business - yours and theirs. You won't have to be anxious and worry about their company's legal standing, whether they have the proper insurance coverages, and their ethical and business decisions. Let's face it - the shipping industry is a tough one. But you don't need to worry about any of that when your business partner has got everything under control for you. You'll be able to take care of what needs doing on-site, while they handle all those pesky headaches offsite so you can get back in there and focus on what's most important - scaling your business. 


You want to find an NC trucking partner for life, not just a temporary carrier

Your main priority when looking for the perfect shipping company in North Carolina is to find a trucking company that will not only perfectly execute your entire shipping process but also helps your business grow over a 5-year (or more) period! But how do you find this trucking company when freight companies in North Carolina are making promises without delivering on them? What about a strong marketing strategy that convinces you to believe the NC trucking company is right for you, but it isn't the case? It isn't easy to search for the perfect NC trucking company for your needs, and it will likely require some trial and error, but don't get discouraged - because they are out there! And the search is worth it!

There are several ways to research a trucking company in NC you are interested in working with.

  • Word of mouth - Network with people in your industry to find out more about a trucking company in NC. Share your shipping struggles with friends and other business owners and ask if they can recommend a trucking company that has been a pleasure to work with. (Don't forget to do your research before jumping on their recommendation.)
  • Trade shows - Trade shows can also be a great way to meet local NC trucking companies that are serious about what they do and are looking to network with businesses like yours.
  • Social media - Social media can be king when you need advice or feedback from your communities. Again, don’t forget to do your research and check online reviews of trucking companies in NC before deciding to use their services.
  • Online reviews - Online reviews and client feedback are important because they help you determine information such as if the equipment of the NC trucking company is dependable or if it will break down with your cargo on the trailer.

A 2022 survey showed that 97% of people check reviews before purchasing a product or service. So if you aren't yet using online reviews for research purposes, we highly recommend you do. By researching online, you can learn a lot about the reputation of a NC trucking company. You can learn about their drivers, punctuality, and if their customers are happy with their experiences. Before signing on the dotted line, researching the reputation of trucking companies in North Carolina should take precedence. 


The search for the best NC trucking company is worth it!

It's not easy to find the right trucking company in North Carolina for your needs, but it is worth it. By networking with other businesses and checking online reviews, you can find a Carolina trucking company that will be a partner in growing your business. When looking for a shipping company in North Carolina, make sure they are passionate about what they do and have years of exceptional service. Don't just settle for any carrier - find one that you can trust to be a partner for years to come. Finding the shipping companies in North Carolina to work with saves you more than just money, time, and energy. It allows you to begin nourishing and growing a relationship with a business partner where both businesses can grow together and help each other through the years.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the decision you make for your freight shipping provider can make or break the rate of your business' growth. There's too much at stake. Again, these are the final hands that you trust to deliver your product to its final destination. It pays, in the long run, to make sure you select the right trucking company in North Carolina to trust with transporting your product.

We know how frustrating it can be when you're trying to find a trucking company in North Carolina that has all the right qualities. We've helped our clients improve their shipping process and reduce costs with solutions tailored for them specifically, so contact us today!


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