drives us.

Optimizing for speed, safety, and precision is our all-consuming mission.

As an expedited trucking company, we know that when our clients succeed, we succeed. When our employees succeed, we succeed. Everything we do at our Charlotte area expedited trucking company is done with passion, transparency, and a personal commitment to the people we serve and employ. For us, it’s about loyalty, reliability, and a commitment to our relationships. Whatever the storage, logistics, or shipping job, whatever the promise: We Deliver. We don’t know any other way.

Who is MigWay?

We've got you covered.



One person. We keep you updated, and we deliver solutions, not problems.


Great Drivers

Drivers are the lifeblood of our company -- and we treat them like it.


Proven Process

We’ve eliminated the layers of management and red tape that slow down progress.

All in the Family

It starts with family at MigWay. We are 2nd and 3rd generation families in the expedited trucking, storage, logistics, and shipping business, and we’re tirelessly committed to upholding our family’s legacy. What’s more, when you work with MigWay -- whether you’re a client or a driver -- you’re treated like family. That means respect, transparency, and unwavering commitment to your success. We may run a tight ship, but you can’t take the family out of us.


The Long Haul

We’re not here just to turn a quick profit. We’re here to build something meaningful. To build a business our families, employees, and the Charlotte area community can take pride in. Working with MigWay means something. To be a MigWay driver means something. Folks in our community and our industry know our name, and we are committed to delivering on our reputation of transparency and reliability. We are also committed to knowing the people we serve and employ in our storage, logistics, and freight shipping company. Whether sharing a meal, attending a game, or sponsoring a charity event, we care personally about our people.

Get Your Fix

Our ability to handle quick-turn shipments 24/7 may be what initially grabs a customer’s attention. But what keeps them coming back is our relentless commitment to find solutions and do what we say we will do. Rush-critical logistics are a complex road, and relentless problem-solving is our real time to shine. Our Charlotte area clients and drivers stay in the know, and when issues arise, we fix them. What we promise: We Deliver.


Build the Bigger Picture

We’re all about the details. We have to be. But we see a bigger picture too: we’re building something important here. Every driver knows America’s shelves would be empty without them -- those are important details. We also know our drivers are building lives and raising families -- and that bigger picture matters to us. Our clients know exactly where and when they need us to deliver: important details. We also know reliability can make or break a relationship and a reputation: that matters too. We deliver on the details so we can build the bigger picture.

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