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What our truck drivers are saying.

We could go on and on about how well we care for our drivers at our expedited trucking, shipping and logistics company, how they’re like family to us -- we’d actually be happy to tell you all about it over a meal. But what matters more is whether our drivers believe it. Do they feel like we’re family? Do they feel valued? Do they like their paychecks? We’ll let them speak for themselves.


Antoine K.

13 years driving; MigWay 3 years

“MigWay is a great company to work for. That’s why I’ve been here this long. They meet my needs. But that’s reciprocal, you know? So, it makes for a great relationship. Dispatch is great. Communication is the main thing we need out here on the road, and they do whatever it takes to meet our needs. On a business level and a personal level, we have the same vision in mind. If there are ever any issues, we talk about it. This is truly a wonderful way to provide for my family.”


Philip H.

13 years driving; MigWay 7 months

“Driving for MigWay is a good job and a great opportunity. I make good money here. It’s a good, family-oriented company. David puts in the extra effort to grow the company and make it profitable for everyone, and they take pride in the equipment, keeping us in new trucks and trailers. The people here are dedicated - they’re here for the long haul. MigWay people are loyal. There’s not a lot of turnover because people like to work here.”



Angelo W.

23 years driving; MigWay 1 year

“The biggest thing that stands out to me about driving for MigWay is that I can go in and talk to the boss. It’s an open door policy at its best. A lot of companies say they have an open door policy, but they don’t really want to hear what you have to say. They don’t want to hear that there’s a problem with their truck. But here, they really listen. They WANT to know if there are problems -- so they can fix them. When I’ve had a truck problem before, other places will say, ‘Well, can you keep driving it for another week?’ But here, there’s an on-the-spot tech. I can call him directly and get the truck right in -- in time for my load the next day. As drivers, we’re the ones who are out there. MigWay takes care of us.”

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